How to improve road safety in your projects? Top 5 Equipment You Must Own

Road construction and renovation projects can be a very expensive undertaking. If your company works in this sector, then you need to have the proper safety equipment like LED strobe lights and traffic cones for everyone on-site as well as anyone who might be passing by. It is not uncommon for motorists to meet with accidents because they didn’t spot the ‘road closed’ or ‘diversion’ sign in time.

There are other things you will need as well to ensure that your project runs smoothly and without any unfortunate incidents. Let’s look at a preliminary list of the most important.


5 Key Road Safety Equipment


LED Strobe Lights

Ideally, road construction projects should only be initiated and continued during the day. But sometimes, it is necessary to proceed with the construction during night time. Also, the road might be dug up overnight and so, it is important to have LED strobe lights which are visible even during foggy conditions. Deploying them will ensure there are no accidents.


Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are a very elementary part of all kinds of road closures. They are not always deployed but when there are minor or short-term road construction works. Traffic cones can be very useful in warning any nearby motorists that a certain part of the road is unusable.


Digital Signs

Digital signs are among the most important kinds of equipment you should have with you if you are a road construction company. These signs can be calibrated to display any kind of message. So, from diversions to stoppages, you can post any message through them. Further, when combined with other tools like strobe lights, they are very useful in preventing accidents.


LED Beacons

In some conditions, the equipment we have mentioned above may not be the most optimal. Dense fog, heavy rain and other conditions may make for very poor visibility. In such situations, LED beacons are the best option since they can be seen from a very long distance even under poor visibility.


Reverse Alarms

When depositing any quarry, truck drivers are not always able to see what’s behind them. Even with advanced rear imaging, they may miss out on people standing. This can lead to a fatal tragedy. Having reverse alarms is an important safety measure on industrial grade transport.


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