How LED Beacons and Other Road Safety Equipment Work? A Quick Guide

Diverting traffic can be a real challenge if you do not have the right equipment at hand. The good news is that there is a great variety of tools you can use for doing this but what is important is the placement and strategic division of the available resources.


To do this, you need to segment your traffic control zone appropriately. Below, we discuss the key elements of any traffic control zone. Read through to find out how to effectively distribute your equipment like LED beacons, digital signs and traffic cones.


4 Key Traffic Control Zones Where Road Safety Tools Like Digital Signs Must Be Used


Advance Warning Area


This is the first part of the zone where the drivers will be informed of construction going on ahead. This is the part where your most visible digital signs and LED beacons should be used. You can also use LED strobe lights here in case of bad weather.


Transition Area


This is the part of the traffic control zone where you will need to gradually choke off the passage and cordon off the work area. At the least, you need to use traffic cones to direct the traffic correctly. For bigger and more dangerous digs you can use diversion digital signs as well. In certain cases, it would be a good idea to employ personnel carrying UHF radios to manually divert traffic.


Activity Area


This is the area where the construction is ongoing. This is just like the transition area except the area for vehicular movement is much narrowed. So, there needs to be a proper cordoning of the movement area. In bad weather, it would be useful to employ personnel at appropriate junctures with UHF accessories to prevent mishaps.


Termination Area


This is the final part of the traffic control zone and it needs to adequately open up to the broader road. Naturally, there will be a need to deploy traffic cones in order to show drivers when they can spread out more broadly. It is important demarcate the end of the activity area properly since it is likely that drivers might be impatient to get back to driving normally and spread out hastily.


Where Can You Get the Best LED Beacons and Other Key Traffic Control Zone Equipment?


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