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When you require traffic safety equipment or UHF radio accessories, you need to get your selection right. For starters, you will need the right model for the job. In addition, you will need safety signage and equipment that offers you the value you need. Opting for the cheapest auto electrical products and accessories could compromise the safety of several people – including your workers. To safeguard their safety and well-being, you will need products from the choicest provider of traffic signs and cage repair services.

A new entrant to the industry, Optraffic Signs Australia only commenced operations in 2015. However, our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry has quickly helped us emerge as a market leader in the domain. We offer an extensive range of products and traffic safety equipment to our clients. It can be worth highlighting that the quality, durability and versatility of our products makes them highly sought after across the country. In particular, our full-colour video message boards, arrow board trailers and lighting towers have found widespread acceptance and use in various business sectors.

Our Product Range and Other Equipment

We’re a supplier of choice in traffic management signage. Hence, we specialise in providing all kinds of signage, plant and equipment needed for the management of traffic onsite. Some of the most popular products and equipment we offer include:

  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) in amber or colour, featuring messages that include animation, multiple message screens, text, graphic symbols or text & graphics combined
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs that come fitted with cooling fans (to prevent overheating), safety locks and environment-friendly solar power systems that can ease traffic management in accident-prone areas, school zones, industrial workplaces etc.
  • Vehicle Mounted LED Arrow Boards made from aluminium with black powder coating that feature 13 lamps, which can be ideal for local traffic management applications
  • Portable Arrow Boards fitted on trailers that offer solidity, bright visibility and rotatability, made from hot galvanised steel with anti-corrosive properties that can last you for 20+ years
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Fit Out services that can utilise the space on your vehicle optimally with a tailored range of storage systems that can be ideal for businesses in the construction and traffic management industries
  • Portable LED Light Towers that comprise a generator set, lighting kits, telescopic masts and trailers that combine to offer stable and safe performances that will also be energy-efficient and long lasting
  • Mobile Solar LED Light Towers (or Solar Lighting Towers) that offer a variety of benefits including no fuel costs, no lamp changes, no smell of diesel and minimal noise levels & maintenance requirements
  • Full Colour Video Boards that make it easier to advertise your wares in a cost-effective and high-impact manner with mobile commercial displays that you could use to draw attention to sales, store opening events, festivals, special events, promotional campaigns etc. and,
  • Vehicle Mounted VMS Signs that come with full matrix displays in amber and colour, anti-glare UV polycarbonate screens, auto dimming systems, remote management controls, onsite programming features (with laptops or tablets) and unlimited pre-programmed display frames

Our extensive range of products enables us to satisfy our clients by catering to their specific requirements. It can be worth mentioning that we utilise cutting-edge technology for manufacturing our products. And, if needed, you can always harness our expert and objective advice. Our expertise in the industry has made a premier supplier of mobile traffic signs to businesses in the civil, mining, marketing and traffic management industries in Australia.

Why Our Clients Shop at Optraffic Signs Australia

At Optraffic Signs Australia, we remain committed to the safety of all workers, contractors and road users on worksites throughout the country. We have significant industry expertise in offering top-of-the-line products to traffic control companies. From traffic cones to reverse alarms, we have it all. Having managed the needs of these companies for many years, we know the importance of offering peerless services and quality reliable products. Thus, we have focused on providing a comprehensive range of services to suit the needs of any business enterprise in the country.

When you shop with us for LED beacons or traffic cages, you can expect to benefit from our:

  • Impeccable Reputation: At Optraffic Signs Australia, we take our reputation very seriously. Although we have only commenced operations in 2015, the huge strides we have taken since have helped us burnish our credentials in the industry. Naturally, we take immense pain to prioritise our reputation as a high-quality supplier in the industry by offering peerless digital signs and other products.
  • In-Depth Expertise: Our knowledge of the latest developments and advancements in the industry remain unbeatable. Hence, by shopping with us, you can expect to receive top-of-the-line products and solutions time and time again.
  • Extensive Experience: Our team have a collective experience of several years in the domain. As a result, we will not only be able to help you identify the products that best suit your needs. We can also help you with our objective and impartial advice to help you get the best value for your money.
  • Versatile and Diverse Product Range: Whether you want UHF accessories or LED strobe lights, you can expect to find all that you need at Optraffic Signs Australia. Our products do not only comply with the rigorous quality standards prescribed. They come with warranties that attest to their superlative levels of quality and durability.
  • Solid Dependability: We do not consider ourselves as just a signage provider. Instead, we believe in offering end-to-end solutions that cater to the needs of our clients. With us, you can rest assured about finding the right products at the right prices. In addition, should anything go wrong with your vehicle mounted arrow boards or other products, you can expect timely resolutions from us as well.
  • Superlative Customer Service: Unlike our competitors, we value our clients and know how to treat them. Thus, we leave no stone unturned towards ensuring that you’re satisfied with the final product as well as with all our work.

Meet Our Team

The individuals pictured here include members of our Australian and Chinese Teams. Norah Chu, Steven Kaisis, Rebecca Petrovic, Dobri Maksimovic, John Xu, Dean Faranda, Matt Perry, Marko Cenic, and Josh Inskip.

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